Birthday Resolutions

New Year’s 2018 arrived at a bad time to make resolutions; I unexpectedly stayed overnight on New Year’s Eve in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, after taking far too long to finish the Tuscobia 160 fatbike race. I was too tired to drive back home on 12/31, as planned, and far too worn out to write up any resolutions, either that day or the next, after getting home in the new year.

Turning 45 today seems, though, like a suitable moment to come up with some resolutions for the next orbit of the sun. So:

  • Waste less time in the evenings and at night on my phone and iPad.
  • Spend more time writing stuff that really matters, especially my “book” on fatbike racing, which is slowly coming together but could use some serious attention.
  • Practice some daily habits that make me happier when I do them but that I often make excuses not to do: it’s too late, I’m too tired, I don’t have time, etc.
  • Keep up my journal on a more regular basis, ideally at least daily.
  • Write at least a short blog post – maybe centered on a photo – each day.
  • Learn how to do two physical things that have eluded me for years:
    • riding a wheelie on my bike
    • doing double-unders with a jump rope at the gym.
  • Go on more rides that are just fun: to see a sight, to visit friends, to simply tool around town.
  • Read at least two books a month. (I’m within a few pages of finishing two different books right now, and I sure am going to count them for April!)
  • Text with my sister and mom more often!
  • Eat more goddamn fruit and vegetables!

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