Not a Great Ride

Bridge #5750

Today’s ride did not live up to expectations, and yet the magic of bike riding ensured that it still didn’t suck. I fell short on both saddle time and total distance, crashed twice on the ice, experienced no lovely falling-snow moments, fought a heavy headwind, damaged various bits and pieces, and had to call for a rescue ride home from my great friend Michael. Yet! I was grinning as I rode into the garage.

By way of summary, here’s a rundown of damaged stuff and their current dispositions:

  • Front blinker light: cracked in crash #1; now junk
  • Right hip: bruised and scraped in crash #1; now healing in a purply way
  • Right elbow: jarred in crash #1; now aching nicely with a likely bruise tomorrow
  • Rear derailleur: slightly bent in crash #1; straightened by hand later and now functioning fine
  • Cranks and spindle: mysterious malfunction led to complete separation of cranks about 20 miles from home and a call to a friend for a rescue; repairers quickly and at no cost at the LBS.

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