Old Cat, New Tricks

Our beloved "grandma cat," Sabine, is nineteen years old. She’s not an active animal, but she does love us – especially Genevieve, who has about a dozen nicknames for her.

Sabine in her old age has acquired some funny habits, like expecting treats when I come downstairs after putting the girls to bed around 8 and, each morning, expecting to be let into the garage.

Morning Visit

She darts through the door when I open it to throw some recycling in the bin, then spends five or ten minutes exploring the space, sniffing my bike and the car’s tires, and winding up – in truly bizarre feline fashion – by licking the the girls’ bikes’ spokes.

When she’s done, she waits to be let back into the house, then jumps up onto the sofa to sit with the girls while they watch PBS Kids.

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