Ain’t No Party Like an Arrowhead Party

Thanks to amazing friends and family, Saturday night was as good a Saturday night as I’ve ever had: I spent most of the evening at a party thrown for me and the Beast to celebrate our ride at the Arrowhead 135. The organizers – Myrna and Trish – went all out. I mean, lookit!


I enjoyed free beer, tons of excellent cake, and wonderful conversations with friends. Apart from the intrinsic (and unexpected, at least for this introvert) pleasure of being the center of attention, I also had the pleasure of hearing from a number of people that my ride in the woods had inspired them to do fun stuff – going outside more, visiting the gym, buying a bike, even entering a race. I ended the evening feeling pretty good (and not just from the free beer.)

Thank you everyone who helped organize the event or who came out! I really appreciate your time, energy, curiosity, and love.

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