Reasonable People

Politically, I sit at the liberal-progressive end of the spectrum, but I try to keep from shoving my political beliefs in everyones’ faces. I think this is common to many progressives in Northfield, which – despite perhaps more local political drama than we need – tends toward moderate views, both progressive and conservative. Where zealotry erupts, though, it tends to come up on the right, as demonstrated by these jaw-dropping signs I’ve seen around town. I saw the first on the tailgate of a truck parked, ironically, next to the library:
Wow. This truck REALLY hates the president!

A few weeks later, I happened to bike past a house where that pickup truck was parked and this sign was out front:

A friend tells me that the creator of the signs was also the antagonist in the unseemly incident described in this letter to the editor of our paper.

Say what you will about the poisonous political atmosphere in the United States right now, but I don’t see many half-literate signs decrying, say, Michele Bachmann, or hear stories about liberals screaming at teenagers with opposing political views.

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