Spring Cleaned Garage

Our garage gets ridiculously filthy over the winter – even a mild, no-salt-and-sand-on-the-streets winter like the one that just ended.
Clean Garage
With practically balmy weather this weekend, I had no excuse not to tidy up and clean out the garage, so I did. The process didn’t take long (it’s not a big garage, nor an impossibly untidy one), but I did discover each of the four quadrants of the garage had their own special filthy flavor:

  • The northeast corner (nearest the left side of the door in the picture) was the cleanest spot in the whole garage.
  • The southeast corner was mostly cluttered with weird stuff like stray nails, loose artificial Christmas-tree needles, and sand from the girls’ sand table, which had been stored there all winter.
  • The southwest corner (in front of the door to the house, in the background) had the most regular old dirt, thanks to our crusty shoes.
  • The northwest corner had the most spiders, spider eggs, spider webs, and desiccated spider prey.

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