Dads Make Good Pancakes

I took the afternoon off today so that Shannon could go to the beauty parlor salon and catch up with a friend. Julia spent most of that time at a playdate, so Vivi and I had to amuse ourselves. She played on my iPad while I worked out, we built a giant Duplo castle, and we even went to the park, even though it was raining.

When dinnertime approached, I decided I didn’t want to “make” any of the convenience foods in the freezer (my usual culinary forte), so I asked the girls if they wanted to help me make pancakes. They first gave me identical “YOU? Make pancakes?” looks, then happily agreed. They helped me make the batter, and then I cooked them with a minimal number of burnt edges. By the time I was done, they were hungry, and dug right in. Polishing off her second serving, Julia cheerily told me, “Lots of the dads in the books I read are good at making pancakes, and so are you!”

I love that kid. And the other one, too. Next up: waffles.

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