Magic Tricks

Shannon took the girls to a low-key magic show at the library this afternoon, an event put on by Tim Freeland, the town’s only radio impresario/magician. As so often happens, this inspired Genevieve to try her own “magic tricks” when I came home. Specifically, she tried to replicate the magician’s success at guessing the number chosen by a member of the audience. “It was 33! It was amazing!”

So for five minutes after I came in the door, one of us would think of a number and then the other one would try to guess it. We probably tried about thirty times, but only got one right (46). It was still hilarious, which I guess was the magical part.

One thought on “Magic Tricks”

  1. LOL, well one is better than nothing. Perseverance is the key and it is good to hear you didn’t give up after a while, magic is always good, no matter what the situation

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