February Films: Three Days of the Condor

Tonight’s movie was Three Days of the Condor, a 1975 thriller directed by Sydney Pollack and starring Robert Redford. The movie had a classic plot – man must elude killers after being mistaken for someone – but lacked any actual thrills. I’m pretty good at suspending my disbelief when it comes to action-y movies (I love the Bourne flicks), so it’s not as if I was put off by the implausibility of the story: Redford’s CIA analyst uncovers a secret intelligence-world scheme to – get this! – invade the  Middle East to secure American oil supplies. Ha! As if!

No, I was put off by the fact that this was a pretty boring film. The fights and chases were predictable, as was the fact that Redford’s “Condor” would sleep with Faye Dunaway’s character, whom he’d kidnapped, beaten, and tied up during one phase of his escape. (The sex scene was incredibly tame.) Even Redford’s acting was hammy and uncharismatic.

Oh well. I saw eight good flicks before seeing this one. Not bad.

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