Signs That the World Is Not Going to Hell

A family friend dropped by right before dinner to give the girls chocolate-dipped Oreos.

Both girls can brush their hair extremely well and very quickly.

An hour’s ski lesson helped me improve my skiing and immediately eliminated my back pain.

The girls think that our last name is normal, but that “Callaghan” is beyond-the-pale weird.

Julia can rattle off the alphabet in sign language in about as long as it takes her to say it.

The ski trails are in much better shape than the streets.

The girls learned the lyrics to the chorus of a White Stripes song after hearing the song once; I’ve heard the song a dozen times and still botch the same lines. (I play much better air guitar than they do, though.)

At least a half-dozen websites provide excellent coverage of Nordic skiing.

Julia can ask, “Why do people have two butts?” and then immediately shift to singing a made-up song to Vivi: “How I love to stroke your golden hair…”

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