Bikes Are for Riding, Not Blocking

One of the many construction projects at Carleton this summer was the remodeling of the entrance to the campus center, Sayles-Hill:

The plaza area in front of Sayles-Hill has been redesigned to provide additional bike parking and better pedestrian circulation. Most of the existing sidewalks will be removed. The project will be staged so that the front doors and the accessible ramp will be available for use at all times.

As the design illustration shows, the new plaza is pretty nice, with new masonry, new and better benches, a shady sitting area, and new bike racks. Lots of new bike racks, many of which were empty when I came out of the building today around 2:00 to find this at the bottom of the wheelchair ramp:
Sayles-Hill Barriers

Nice parking, liberal-artsers. (For what it’s worth, the bike on the right is often parked almost this badly behind my office building, blocking the rear entrance.)

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