Cows, Colleges, and Confines

Last week, I realized that – except for a short work meeting in the next town (a nice enough place, but hardly a destination) I’ve been outside Northfield only once since October 2009. No wonder I’m going stir crazy.

July 2009
July 8-10: took business trip to upstate New York
July 20: attended morning workshop in St. Paul, afternoon visit with friends in Minneapolis

August 2009
August 13-15: took family trip to Moorhead
August 26: biked to Faribault

September 2009
September 5: saw friends in Minneapolis
September 15: went to work meeting in St. Paul
September 18: biked to Kenyon, Minnesota

October 2009
October 4: saw friends in Rochester, Minnesota

November 2009
no trips outside Northfield

December 2009
no trips outside Northfield

January 2010
no trips outside Northfield

February 2010
February 7: raced the City of Lakes Loppet in Minneapolis
February 22: attended work meeting in Faribault

March 2010
no trips outside Northfield

April 2010
two work-related trips scheduled, to St. Paul and Collegeville, Minnesota

Against this backdrop, that possible business trip to Grinnell, Iowa, in July is looking awfully tempting.

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