Lyman “Lake”

Thanks to the rain, Monday morning marked a full week since I last biked through the Arb. Ho hum. Trees, new gravel on the path, nice repair work on the little bridge behind Bell Field, holy cow the lake is empty! Mai Fête Island is now just a lump of lawn in a mud skirt!
Mai Fete Island

Lower Lyman Lake

Turns out, it’s an elaborate erosion-control measure. Tricky, right? No water, no erosion! Actually,

Wednesday, August 12, work began on the Lower Lyman Lake/island shoreline restoration project. The first step was to drain the lake. Then the shoreline will be re-established with erosion control materials, planted, and back filled with soil. We expect to replug the dam and return to full depth of water by the time students arrive on campus.


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