The Most Epic Race

Taking a cue from the jokers at Versus – with their ultimate-fighting commercials and “Lance vs. the World” hyping of this year’s Tour de France – Julia and Genevieve decided to stage their own race on the new bike path this week: Julia on her bike, Vivi on her feet. The result? A tie, which they strive to arrange through all sorts of means. Thankfully, the rest of the race was pretty amusing.

Julia couldn’t get herself going on the slight uphill, so Vivi helpfully gave her a Tour de France-style push start:
Push Start

In giving Julia a push, Vivi generated enough momentum to run past Julia and get into the lead:
Running Ahead

But then Vivi lost her shoe, allowing Julia to surge into the lead.
Lost Shoe

Not pictured: Vivi’s recovery, which helped her reach the finish line at the same time as Julia.

No, there were no doping tests.

4 thoughts on “The Most Epic Race”

  1. Notice also that they were wearing HOODED SWEATSHIRTS on the 18th of July!!! The weather has rebounded and is nearer normal now (it was about 75 or 80 today), but usually at this time of year in MN it is in the 90s and humid.

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