Pearrific, or, Knowledge-Worker Drama

No matter how good my intentions, grant application deadline days – like today – are often spent sweating the last-minute acquisition of the last, most critical piece of this or that proposal. Today was no different. By about two this afternoon, I must have looked like I was acquiring an OCD, what with all the watch-checking and FedEx-ETA calculating. But just before the perspiration started, lo! into my hands were delivered the two items I needed, and I rushed off to send the FedEx packet.

On the way to the mailroom, I was suddenly struck by a strong desire for a piece of good fruit. If I hadn’t spent my last cash on cup of coffee in the morning, I’d have hit the snack bar for an overpriced apple. After dropping off the FedEx (12 minutes to spare!), I headed back to the office to do the four or five things that I’d been too twitchy to complete while waiting.

On opening the door, I discovered two enormous boxes of Harry & David pears, sent to me and my colleagues by a faculty member with whom we had recently engineered a rather complicated grant proposal. Wish granted! And thank you!

P.S. Next Friday, I’m wishing for a million dollars.

P.P.S. Oh my god this is a good pear.



One thought on “Pearrific, or, Knowledge-Worker Drama”

  1. Harry & David pears are so yummy. I like to eat them with a spoon.

    And I’d forgotten it was grant app deadline day. Explains why there are so many closed doors at work today.

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