Weekend Utterances

It went pretty well, the 0.5 part of the 2.5 days on my own with girls. Tomorrow, not being punctuated by preschool and the drive to and from the airport, will be more interesting than was today, but Julia did have a few good lines this afternoon:

Me: “You guys are awfully cute.”
Julia: “Aren’t we, though? Aren’t we, though?


Me: “The Halloween nature walk tomorrow is a dress-up thing: you guys can wear costumes if you want.”
Julia: “No, that’s okay. I’ll just pretend to be fancy in my normal clothes. Or a witch.”

Stay tuned to see just how she pulls off the fancy-or-a-witch look in her usual (75% pink) attire.

One thought on “Weekend Utterances”

  1. You’ll have to take a picture of Julia in her pretend dress-up clothes (if that’s what she chooses)! She’s so hilarious!

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