Bath Fun

The girls have, for a few months now, been playing a bizarre game called, “Note-nen, Bee-sa, Menny.” Vivi so loves this “game” that she often starts requesting it as they march up the steps after dinner. It’s simple and – did I mention? – bizarre: they sit sideways, next to each other, with their backs against one wall, feet against other wall, and knees bent. Then they loudly chant, “Note-nen… bee-sa… menny!” and, on the last word, abruptly straighten their legs, creating a huge splash and a great deal of laughter. Then they repeat the game again and again, faster and louder each time.

7 thoughts on “Bath Fun”

  1. That sounds wonderful!

    When I was a kid, long long ago, my 3 siblings and I would stand up behind the front seat – yes, stand up, there were no such things as car seats and seat belts were optional. We would stand there without hanging on to anything and chant “No hands, no hands, no Leeeaaaning” and on “leaning” my Dad would speed up the car so that we were flung on our behinds on the backseat.

    Good times, good times

  2. When they were your girls’ ages, our boys used to sit in the car and pretend to be driving themselves somewhere. When asked where they were going, they would gleefully respond, “We’re driving to maniac!”

    I think they arrived.

  3. Good times, all right. Life was more fun before seatbelts. Too bad about all the death and destruction.

    Rob, I’m going to steal that line for my own driving adventures with the girls.

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