Agnels and Parents

It’s a bit hard to see owing to her media and technique (castoff stationery on the kitchen linoleum and a PaperMate in her right fist), but here is Vivi’s rendering of various important entities, including Mama, Daddy, and an “agnel.” As you can see, she spends a lot of time drawing the eyes, and then invariably tries to point at her own eyes with the pen. Not a good idea.
Vivi's Faces

Notably, Julia doesn’t figure in this drawing. (Then again, Vivi’s not a big part of pictures Julia draws…)

2 thoughts on “Agnels and Parents”

  1. That’s because Julia and Vivi are the same person, at least through the eyes of children. No, wait, children often view themselves and MOMMY as the same person with no differentiating boundaries. So scrap that theory. Perhaps she was mad cuz Julia hogged the bubble bath or something. Lovely pictures.

    I shamelessly stole your widget for my own blog.

    I can’t watch the RNC, how about you??

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