Shannon and I are packing up for our night out and away from the girls, which will start pretty soon now. The four of us had a nice morning at the Red River Valley Zoo. Here are my better three-quarters in front of the rather grand carousel there, having seen the camels, the llamas, the baby goats, and assorted other creatures.


This will be my first-ever night away from the girls when not on a business trip, and as far as I can recall, Shannon’s first-ever night away from Julia except when in the hospital delivering Genevieve. It goes without that this really doesn’t count, and that she’s never spent the night away from Vivi (or both girls, for that matter). I imagine that the two of us will manage the sleeping all right (hotel bed, no infernal baby monitors humming), but I’m a bit worried about whether we’ll remember how to eat dinner without the distraction of monitoring two toddlers. We’ll soon see!

2 thoughts on “Carouselers”

  1. It hurts like HELL to say goodbye, get in the car, and pull out of the driveway. But once you are gone for about 20 minutes it gets WAAAAY better. It may take Shan more like 45 minutes.

  2. We’re back now, having had a wonderful time. Heeding Nonna’s advice, we made a quick break when it came time to leave, and nobody missed anybody (until this morning). I could get used to these….

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