Nativity Drawn

Julia’s fascination with the nativity has now entered the draw-it-over-and-over phase, building on the previous couple weeks’ play-incessantly-with-toys phase. Here is her first take at drawing the whole scene by herself.
Nativity Drawing

3 thoughts on “Nativity Drawn”

  1. Stealing letterhead from work again, Christopher?

    Trying to absolve this horrid act with penitent subject matter produced by an innocent only compounds the infraction.

    Watch out, or you’ll have a coconut fall on your head too, just like skinny blue character #2 (above)…

  2. You’ll note, as you sit at your College computer, that the telephone number is out of date, which indicates that in fact I rescued this poor, forlorn scrap of paper from the recycling bin and put it to good use as a tool for proseltyzing among my blog readership. Feelin’ Jesus yet?

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