Augustan Times

The only way today could have been a more perfect summer day is if it had involved ice cream, and I’m about to take care of that omission. I think I spent about eight hours of quality time with the girls today, including a long walk this morning and an hour at the playground this afternoon. Everyone – even me! – was in a good mood, and both girls were in excellent form: being silly, trying new things, helping each other out, refusing to fuss… Here they are, attired in their finest, during the morning walk. I don’t recall, but I’ll bet Julia is telling me that she’s Mary and that Vivi is Jesus. With these killer outfits, who could argue?


2 thoughts on “Augustan Times”

  1. That was her! (She was looking away from the camera, as usual.) She was very excited by the picture, and rattled off the names of two of the three DJJD princesses, so their visit made an impression…

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