Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Blog Music Quiz, pt. 2

D. A Couple Artists I Think More People Should Listen To
1. The Shins. I know they're semi-big now with the Garden State soundtrack and all that, but they should be bigger. Bigger than Jesus, even.
2. The Bad Plus. As previous items may have indicated, I have a small degree of attraction to this incredible jazz band. Just download a couple of their songs from the iTunes Music Store and see how good they are.

E. Four Albums You Must Hear From Start to Finish
1. Radiohead, OK Computer. This is almost the last time I'll mention this one. If you don't listen to it, well, this is my final fit. My final bellyache.
2. Miles Davis, Kind of Blue. Ditto.
3. Charles Mingus, Mingus Ah Um. Oh, boy. You better get hit in yo' soul.
4. Wilco, Summerteeth. "There's something in my veins/That's bloodier than blood." Maybe it's heroin, or maybe it's the most cohesive Wilco album.

F. Top Five Musical Heroes
1. Kurt Cobain. The Byron of my generation, only without the going-to-war part. Just about anything on In Utero gives me shivers now that he's dead dead dead.
2. Janne Sibelius. A great Finn and a great composer, if not on the Beethoven level.
3. Charles Mingus. A powerful personality, a fantastic composer, and an iconoclast worth emulating - especially w/r/t musical grunts.
4. Radiohead. A group that defies every trend they care to and makes my favorite rock music. They hate George Bush, too.
5. I have to save one spot for someone to emerge in the future, right? Plus, I don't know enough about Dylan.


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