Monday, March 21, 2005

World Cup Ski Jumping (er. Ski Flying)

Records were shredded at the HS215 ski-flying hill in Planica, Slovakia. On Saturday, Matti Hautamaki edged Andreas Widhotzl by a tenth of a point, sticking the landing of his last jump to move past the Austrian and take the event, his sixth straight win. Norwegian Bjoern Einar Romoeren finished third. On Sunday, the jumpers took on the existing ski-flying record, extending it by a whopping 8 meters. This time, Romoeren won on the strength of his second-round flight of 239m, which topped Matti Hautamaki's 235.5m second-round jump and Romoeren's own jump of 234.5 in training. World Cup champ Janne Ahonen jumped 240m in the second round, but fell on the landing and wound up in the hospital. Norwegian Roar Ljokelsey finished second on Sunday, ahead of Widhotzl; Hautamaki finished fourth. The World Cup went to Ahonen, who had enjoyed a fantastic run of wins before Christmas. Ljokelsey finished second overall and Hautamaki wound up in third.


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