Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Airports, Encoded

Inevitably, the Internets include a complete listing of every three-letter airport code. My favorite is CMX: Houghton County Airport in Hancock, Michigan.

One can find out all kinds of interesting facts about countries though the site. Finland has 30 airports important enough to merit codes; Sweden has 49. Damn Swedes. On the other hand, the United States has 1,066 such airports (including ZPH in Zephyrhills, Florida), and North Korea has just one (FNJ in Pyongyang). (I lack the motivation to see which country has the most - though both Russia [70]and China [133] are well back of the U.S.)

And while these is no ASS, there is a BUT (Burtonwood, Great Britain) and a SEX (Sembach, Germany). And it SUX to fly into Sioux City.


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Here's my favorite:


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