Spaking Spankers

1. Genevieve is utterly enamored of Ten Minutes to Bedtime, a recently-acquired book (which, I just learned, has a great web complement). She'll leaf through it for some time, studying the very detailed pictures, she giggles every single time Shannon reads the things the baby hamster says, and when I call out "Ten minutes to bedtime!" - whether for fun or because it is, in fact, ten minutes to bedtime - she imitates the rise and fall with her own screeched, "Aaaaaah-AAAAH-aaah!" Very cute.

2. Julia ritually inquires each morning if she fell asleep easily the previous night by asking, "Did I fall asleep without a peep?" The answer varies. This morning, shooting me a sly grin, she changed things up and asked, "Did I fall asleep without e'er a peep?" I couldn't believe she was actually saying, "e'er," so I had her repeat herself, and then asked where on earth she learned the word "e'er." "From the nursery rhymes book, Daddy." Duh. I predict she post-literate Julia will fill many Mead notebooks with poems.

Forecast: Significant blowing and drifting, with the possibility of heavy accumulation in rural areas.