Perhaps in conjunction with the experiment, the weekend saw some elite cyclists try out the Olympic road-race course, which starts in Beijing and runs for 174km (about seventy k shorter than the full Olympic race). Surprisingly, according to Velonews, "The riders said they were more affected by the 70 percent humidity and 86-degree temperatures. 'My lungs hurt to breathe, but it's not the dirtiest place I've raced,' [Australian racer Cadel] Evans said. 'Racing in an Italian city you get dirtier from diesel fumes. But it's the humidity here that surprised me, and the combination of pollution and humidity makes it a bit harder.' [Aussie Michael] Rogers said: 'I spend a fair bit of time near Milan so I'm used to riding with the pollution. It's also better at the finish line than at the start when we had to ride through the city. We're about 60 kilometers out of the city here but it's still relatively humid and hot, so it's tough conditions.'

Forecast: Significant blowing and drifting, with the possibility of heavy accumulation in rural areas.