Readers Are Leaders

The girls' combined age is only, what, 50 months or so, and yet already the bibliomania is in tsunami stage. We're practically bribing Julia to do something - anything! - besides sitting in this or that chair, "reading" books one at a time for minutes and (if she could) hours on end. And Viver: she already has a growing sit of favorite board books, along with a couple preferred big-kid books, and will happily sit in that floppily upright way babies have, paging through them and commenting with a "Eeeeek!" or "Mmmmmwhah!" on particularly good pictures.

And though I am of course pleased that my two little preliterates like "reading" so much, and I love seeing them sitting side by side, literally knee-deep in books, I also hope that they'll realize there are lots of other fun things to do. To which Julia would say, as she did the other day when I told her, a little too parentally, that she needs to make sure she uses her body during the day, not just her brain, "But Daddy, I do use my body when I'm reading! I put my books on my knees!"

I'm sure she read that somewhere.

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