Incongruous and Odd

Today was a day of incongruities and oddities, to say the least. It's August, but the high temperature was only 67 degrees, at midnight, and it was hovered around 60 all afternoon. It was raining heavily when we all got up this morning, but all the automatic sprinklers were going full stream. Barry Bonds tied Hank Aaron's home run record, but Alex Rodriguez is already well ahead of the pace needed to eclipse Bonds as HR king. I took the girls to a great playground, but it was indoors, at a home-improvement center. Both girls slept in late, but also took good naps. Bush was in Minneapolis to visit the scene of the bridge collapse, but could only mutter promises that Baghdad and New Orleans tell us are hollow. Our anniversary isn't for another nine days, but I gave Shannon her present anyhow. It was a weekend, but I spent much of my free time working.

Forecast: Significant blowing and drifting, with the possibility of heavy accumulation in rural areas.