Call Noah: His Boat's Ready

Shannon already blogged about the day's main event, a long trip up to Burnsville with the girls for VV's one-year portraits. All in all, it went well, even if Viver wasn't too into having a stranger repeatedly stun her with a sudden blinding flashes of light. Both girls had some good fun trooping around the mall, chowing down at the food court, and entertaining themselves, each other, and us for most of the to-and-from drives. Being one now, VV even sat in a forward-facing carseat, which she thought was pretty great. And Julia played a long, hilarious game of "Which do you like better?" with Mama (e.g., "Which do you like better: apples or bananas?" "I like them both the same, Mama!")

The worst part of the day, in fact, was the incessant rain, which sent the girls and me to Menards to use their indoor playground, soaked me to the skin when I went for a run during the girls' naps, and created near-zero visibility on the way home from the big photo appointment. But now the rain is just sound outside, and all's well.

Forecast: Significant blowing and drifting, with the possibility of heavy accumulation in rural areas.