Biggest Hit of the Summer

It was a gorgeous day here today. Out rollerskiing, though, I could tell that the air had that temporary-seeming warmth of late summer or early fall - holding heat for a few hours after noon, but then giving it up for a cool evening and night. There were even a few fallen, changed leaves to be seen.

Genevieve, though, thought today would be a great day to bring her summer to a peak by taking her first really unassisted steps today. She first toddled (I can say that now!) seven steps from the play table to me, then later took a half-dozen more steps while I held my hands out in front of her and, best of all, walked from me to Shannon after dinner. She probably would have been even more adventuresome, but Julia and I cheered so loudly after she took her first seven steps that we frightened her and made her cry. Oops. She has pretty good balance already, so I won't be surprised if she starts walking as the default mode of movement later this week. Go, Vivi, go!

Forecast: Significant blowing and drifting, with the possibility of heavy accumulation in rural areas.