What's Wrong?

INT: Small dining room - evening. MAN sits at his kitchen table, working on his laptop. Over a baby monitor comes a tiny, tinny voice calling, "Daddy coming!" He sighs, stands up, and heads upstairs.

INT: Dark nursery. A small GIRL is in a bed, calling urgently, "Daddy coming!" The man enters and goes to the bed.

MAN (firmly): "Honey, it's Daddy. What's wrong?"

GIRL (softly and naively): "What's wrong?"

MAN (firmly): "Yes, I came to see what's wrong."

GIRL (more strongly but still naively): "What's wrong?"

MAN (chuckling): "I'm asking you, honey, what's wrong?"

GIRL (curiously): "What's wrong?"

MAN (laughing quietly): "Right. Daddy's asking Julia, 'What's wrong?''"

GIRL (perplexed): "Daddy asking Julia, 'What's wrong?''"

MAN (laughing out loud): "Honey, you were peeping so I came to see if there is something you need?"

GIRL (more perplexed): "Julia peeping. What do you need?"

MAN (laughing harder): "Honey, do you need Daddy to do something?"

GIRL (definitively): "Daddy sing a song. 'Pinky Bears' Picnic.'"

The MAN sings this song, slowly and quietly.

MAN (firmly): "Now I need you to go to sleep like a big girl. Night-night."

GIRL (with relief): "Night-night."

INT: Small dining room - evening. MAN again sits at laptop. The only sound is  a quiet hum over the baby monitor.

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