The Very Busy Day

Newborn Sleeping - 1

As I write this post, just before running back to the hospital, Julia is upstairs in her bed, charmingly saying her new sister's name over and over.

It's been a whirlwind day. We headed to the hospital at about one a.m., On arrival, it was immediately clear that Shannon was well and truly in labor, so they called the C-section team and at just after three, we were in the operating room. Shannon was nervous, but ready to get things underway. After a few sickening sounds, we could hear Genevieve crying, even before she'd been pulled out. She only exercised her lungs more once she was out, and a half hour of the shrieking fantods left her spent for the rest of the day. Imagine - sleeping away your first day on the planet.

Once  checked out and cleaned up (she was covered in a stunning amount of vernix), they gave Genevieve to me, and she and I spent a wonderful hour or so alone in the recovery room, waiting for Shannon to get stitched up. Genevieve tried and halfway-succeeded in nursing when Shannon was finally wheeled in. Shortly afterwards, I headed home to be there when Julia woke up. Just to mess with us, our firstborn chose today of all days to sleep until nine, which is the latest she's ever slept. Once up, we headed off to the hospital, where she excitedly made her acquaintance with "baby sister" and wondering several times, "What's that baby cryin' about?" A bit of coaxing got Julia to try saying her baby sister's name, which she nailed immediately: "Genevieve!"

The rest of the morning and the early afternoon passed quickly in walks around the ward, visits with Newbabysister, and a couple snacks. Home for naps at three, we were back at the hospital at four thirty, where Shannon was coming out of her anaesthesia and feeling more than a bit worn out. Nonna and Boppa - Shannon's parents - had arrived while Julia and I were away, which made Julia "so so happy." Shannon reported that nursing was going well, which was an enormous relief after the difficulties we had with Julia. And Shannon also found out, to even more relief, that a funny bruise on Genevieve's forehead probably indicated that she was wedged into Shannon's pelvis in the same "posterior" position which had made Julia's delivery so arduous. The C-section was utterly vindicated.

After a quick dinner in the hospital cafeteria and a goodbye to Mama, Julia and I went back home for her bedtime routine. She's down now, so I'm heading back to the hospital for the night. I hope there's a little sleep in the offfing!

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