Sisterly Kisses

Sisterly Kisses - 6

Things are going smoothly on Day 3 of the Genevieve Era. The new one is nursing well, every two or three hours, and sleeping soundly the rest of the time. Shannon and I each got about six hours of sleep (in 90-minute chunks), which feels like a luxury on a par with a box of Godiva chocolates for dinner. I don't think Shannon slept that much after Julia's arrival for months and months. Shannon's milk has come in, which is just as it should be. All of the baby's vital signs are good, as well. (What would be a non-vital sign? Her knowledge of NFL quarterbacks? By all indications, it is quite poor.)

Julia had a rough night last night, for which Nonna had to pay the price and which meant we couldn't meet up with my dad, but she was in a great mood this morning when I brought her over to the "hopsital." As you can see, she really enjoyed seeing her sister. "Give that baby wittle hugs!" Now she's upstairs, catching up on her sleep.

Barring something unforeseen, Shannon and Genevieve will come home on Friday morning. It'll be an exciting weekend!

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