Master of the (Town) House

I took a nap today, roundabout 90 minutes long. This is remarkable because I abhor napping even more than I hate sleeping. I literally cannot recall the last time I took a nap, though I'd guess it was when Julia was a newborn. Prior to that, I'll bet my previous nap had been my early childhood. I pretty much had to waive the moratorium, though: the cops caught me drowsing behind the wheel. Only it wasn't the fuzz, it was Shannon. And it wasn't behind the wheel, it was reading to Julia. And it wasn't drowsing, it was sleeping. So she recommended, much as the lawyer "recommends" copping a plea, that I catch forty winks while she took the girls to play group today. So I did, and lo and behold, I felt tons better.

As if that didn't prove who runs the show around here, Shannon later performed the most devilish bit of parenting ever. Even though Julia had had a truly epic dinner, she later claimed that she was "so hongry" after she sang her bedtime songs with Shannon. It was hard to tell if she really was hungry, or if she was trying to delay bedtime. Anyhow, Shannon said, "Honey, you can have some green beans if you're hungry. Do you want some green beans?" Julia pondered for a second, then replied, "Uh-huh." Choking back my laughter, I duly retrieved yesterday's left-over French cut string beans from the fridge, and Julia ate them cold, straight from the Tupperware. When they were gone, she drank about a quart of ice water and we headed up to bed. Lessons: Julia really was hungry, and Mama can always outsmart her.

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