Sunday was wonderfully fun, start to finish. We had oodles of outside time (am park, pm sprinkler), good indoor fun, some "eets" (treats, pronounced à la mode Genevieive), and - most importantly - an insane number of new words from Vivi. Among other new or nearly-new words were "thay-oo" for "thank you," "bay" for "play" (actually older, but in heavy use now), "ni-ni" and "bye-bye" for "night-night" and "bye-bye" (duh), "ooks-ee" for "excuse me" (hilarious when addressed to me after she passed a monumental fart in the bathtub), "sowwee" for "sorry" (also in heavy use, because swatting Julia was big sport this weekend), "bee bud" for "bread and butter" (her dinnertime staple, and roughly 98% of her daily calories).

In addition to that lexicon, she's started saying "Dee-zah" for "Jesus," which is critical for properly assuming her role in the ubiquitous "nativity scene" playing we're doing here these days. Julia is Mary and I'm Joseph, and Julia is Mary, who assumes the heavy responsibility of repeating virtually every line from that damn YouTube video and taking care of Jesus, right down to swaddling "him" in an old blanket. This activity probably ate up 50% of all the time we spent indoors today, and Vivi got so into it after dinner tonight that when I said, "Vivi, it's time to go take your bath!" she looked up at me, scowled, and patted her stomach before saying, "No Vivi. Deezah! Deezah!" Delusio ns of grandeur much?

After "Deezah" went to bed in "his" crib a half hour ago, Julia started a long mashup Nativity using the girls' Playmobil barn and its inhabitants and some stray LEGO figures. Fittingly - at least in the view of this atheist parent - she is using a Playmobil chicken as the angel who announces Jesus' birth.

Forecast: Significant blowing and drifting, with the possibility of heavy accumulation in rural areas.