Jotting Things Down

Day 1 of the new cell phones has been a smash hit - at least for me. The phones are pretty neat, in and of themselves, with better-than-adequate hardware and software and a pretty good user interface.

The biggest deal, though, was having a gadgety sort of friend put me on to Jott, a web application that "converts your voice into emails, text messages, reminders, lists and appointments." No, really: you call it up on your celly and talk to the Jott bot and a few minutes later get an email (or txt or a number of other media) with a transcription of what you just said. It works very well - a few missed words now and then, but largely spot on.

Not only is Jott as free as air, but it hooks into a bunch of other web apps, like Twitter (I used Jott to tweet two times this afternoonwith good success; less so this evening), Tumblr, and Google Calendar. Google Calendar! I can call Jott and rattle off a new appointment; five minutes later, it's automagically there on my GCal. 

Forecast: Significant blowing and drifting, with the possibility of heavy accumulation in rural areas.