Dribs and Drabs

A long week and some late nights have left me unable to post anything substantial this evening. Instead, a mini link dump:

1. "Fragments from A-Rod! The Musical" at the New Yorker. I LOVE doggerel, so I love this a lot. A sample:

With MADONNA at his side, A-ROD’s batting average surges, though the Yankees’ fortunes do not improve. The sexual passion of the affair intensifies.

Remember when I dressed up
As Marilyn Monroe?
If you play your cards right
You can be DiMaggio
You know that heady feeling
When you hit a shot into the gap?
You can tell me all about it
When I shift and settle on your lap

I get it
You’re Madonna
You enjoy
Double entendre

2. Hilarious public art at the Wooster Collective:


3. Today's most appropriate someecard:


Forecast: Significant blowing and drifting, with the possibility of heavy accumulation in rural areas.