Après Ca, le Deluge?

Or something. This is the last thing I saw out the window before the lights went out last night around 9:30 and it got very, very quiet outside.

Big Storm

Then the rain started. Standing at another window to watch the lightning strobes, I could see a thick stream of water pouring down off the upper roof onto the roof over the front door. It was hitting that lower roof so hard I could feel a thrum in my feet.

I thought for sure that the power would come back on within a few minutes. Two hours later, after reading a novel by the light of my headlamp, I went to bed. Seven hours after that, I woke up to hear the girls stirring at their usual seven am time. We still had no power. It finally flicked on around 8:30, giving us a cool eleven hours without power.

Or rather, a hot eleven hours. The girls woke up countless times over night, disturbed by the heat and the lack of white-noise machine whirring. I slept through all that, unfortunately, but Shannon was up all night with them.

Forecast: Significant blowing and drifting, with the possibility of heavy accumulation in rural areas.