Summer Evenings

With an eye toward trying this in 2008 (the soonest I'm likely to be able to be ready and to take a solo or familial day trip), I've been spending a lot of time running and rollerskiing around Northfield. It's the most training exercise I've done in years, and though it's soon to be interrupted, it's also put me right through the wayback machine: the hundreds of summer hours spent running or biking up and down the abandoned railroad right-of-way between Hancock and Calumet, Michigan, training to run high school cross-country that fall. Was it really ten miles to Calumet? Could I really run twenty miles round trip? I didn't even know it. The path was covered in rough gravel and cinders, with a stray railroad tie here and there; "rails to trails" was unknown. In my memory, it seems to always be about 8:30 on a hot summer night. More often than not I'd only see coyotes and rabbits - no people, not even teenagers out on a binge in woods. God only knows how much copper dust I inhaled.

And while I stagger to run five miles now, Northfield has it over the Copper Country for scenery.  Tthe Arb is fantastically beautiful in almost any season. And then there's the quality of the sky: even on an overcast day like this one, the clouds are towering and backlit by an orange sun.

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