Sometimes, Your Toddler Philosophizes; Sometimes, She Doesn't

At some point last fall, Julia became enamored of a certain long-sleeved t-shirt which I occasionally wore. The color - hunter's orange - may have had something to do with it, as she began asking every day when I came home and went upstairs to change clothes, "Orangirt?" I wore it as much as possible, because why not? It made her happy enough to hug me every time I put the thing on - and a few times, she cried when I couldn't wear it. (It had to go in the laundry sometime!) As the weather warmed up, she kept asking me to wear it, but of course, increasingly I couldn't without sweating like a very sweaty guy. So I stopped putting it on (and even tucked it away where she couldn't see it), and eventually she stopped asking about it.

Until today, one of the hottest days of the year. Sitting in her cool bath, she plucked at the sleeve of my light workout t-shirt, smiled, and said, "Daddy, put on your orange shirt." I laughed and said, "Oh, honey, I can't - it's much too hot for it." She made a face that was exactly equivalent to a shrug, then said slowly and precisely, "Sometimes you wear the orange shirt, sometimes you don't."

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