On Being a Tassava

Last week, Julia reached a major milestone in being a Tassava: she received her first award with a misspelled last name. A certificate for completing her toddler swimming class, it put her name as "Tassave" - a common mangling. Shannon corrected it by writing the final A in over the E. Get used to it, kid: it's only the first of a zillion. And just wait until some poor waiter calls out your name when your table's ready. Anything's possible then.

As hard as our last name is to spell and to say, it does offer the possibility of a large corporate family:

Caffeva - bovine insemination service

Cassava - importer of tropical root vegetables 

Taffara - weaver of shiny silken cloth

Taffava/Taffeva - maker of fine saltwater-based candies

Tassara - small-business IT networking (the most common mispelling)

Tassave - maker of bass-fishing life jackets

email: christopher at tassava dot com