Happy Knees

After a nasty bout of iliotibial band syndrome kept me from running for the last six weeks or so, I finally tried out my new, stronger knees the other day and discovered, happily, that I could run without any pain. And just in time, too, since this is the kind of sight that awaits in the Arb:

Not Under Cultivation

Others can correct me, but I think these are large-flowered penstemon (tinyurl.com/6kzxfp), a few Canada thistles, and some prairie grasses. This land is the easternmost part of Carleton's Arb, but the farmer across the way technically has the right to cultivate it if he so chooses. It looks like he's happy with flowers this year.

I ran past this field after being literally stopped in my tracks by this ferocious beast on the path ahead of me:


I've seen insects that were almost as large as this bunny. I hared not pass, so I went another way toward my destination.

Forecast: Significant blowing and drifting, with the possibility of heavy accumulation in rural areas.