Every so often, I come across a story about the intelligence test which the National Football League uses to assess the brainpower of its players. The "Wonderlic Personnel Test" (WPT) is meant to determine how well players - actually, men about to be drafted - can solve problems that range from very basic to, uh, somewhat less basic but not exactly skull-shattering.

The test is also apparently widely used in corporate settings (which, of course, the NFL also is), where the average score is 21. Only one NFL player - a punter who graduated from Harvard - ever received a perfect score of 50. Even more interestingly, quarterbacks do not have the highest average score on the WPT - coming in two points behind offensive tackles and one point behind centers.

Though you can't take the actual test, you can try some sample questions through a couple different spots on the Internet, such here through a football fan site. I took it there and did okay - half again as high as average for offensive tackles.

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