Be It Resolved

Two thousand seven was a very good year. I'll not mind a bit more rest and relaxation in 2008, if that comes to pass, but I'll be a happy guy in twelve months if '08 is half as good as '07 has been. Four things I'll remember about the year:

Genevieve learning to walk and going from a busy little bug to the busiest toddler ever.

Julia starting - and loving - preschool, with all the attendant independence and growth.

Shannon mastering the job of being at home with two kids, which turns out to be exponentially more difficult than being at home with "just" one.

Apart from watching the above happen, my pleasing sense of really contributing at work and my enjoyment of getting back into the fitness swing of things.

Looking forward, here are my resolutions for the next year, in no particular order (and omitting most of the subsidiary goals):

* Eat no potato chips - not quite as horrifying as trying to avoid pizza, but close.
* Continue my fitness activities, from working out almost every day to doing a bit of ski and road racing.
* Get more organized at home and at work, including especially cutting down on post-grad school detritus.
* Cut down on non-family, non-work obligations.

Happy New Year!

Forecast: Significant blowing and drifting, with the possibility of heavy accumulation in rural areas.