Morning Ride

Okay, okay, I know I’m going overboard with the photos this week, but my brain’s too overworded at work to let me compose any coherent prose at home. And today’s bike ride to work was so fantastically pretty, I have to blog it.

Grass Track
My bike tires’ track through the frosty grass on the field behind Carleton’s Rec Center. The frosted grass crunched like peanut shells as I rode over it.

Lyman Crosshatching
The Lower Lyman Lake, beautifully cross-hatched by the November morning breeze. I could’t capture the reflection of the moon flickering in the ripples, but it was gorgeous – a silvery circle being pulled apart and reassembled as the water moved.

Boliou Moon
The waning gibbous moon hanging in the sky above Carleton’s Boliou Hall. Somehow the moon is smaller in this shot than it was in real life.

More Riding

Last weekend, Ben Witt, the owner of Milltown Cycles, the shop where I bought my bike this summer, sponsored a 50-mile ride on gravel roads around Northfield. I couldn’t take the time away from the kids to do the ride, but this amazing collection of photos by one of the tour riders show it to have been amazing. Many of the shots remind me of sights I’ve enjoyed on my own rides this summer and fall, but then there’s photo 23, which is just spectacular.

I gotta find a way to do this ride in 2010. I have twelve months to get ready!