The Next Bike Adventure – Idaho!

The Arrowhead experience is just going on and on, in the most amazing ways.

At the race, I got to talk briefly with the two winners, Jay and Tracey Petervary, who were inviting everyone to come out for a new race they’re staging in Idaho – Jay P’s Fat Pursuit. I immediately wrote it off as a "someday" event, but somehow several things fell into place perfectly: Shannon was willing to solo-parent again if I went out there, another racer (a seriously fast guy) was willing to let me drive out there with him, cheap lodging was available… And so I am heading out there on Wednesday to do the 200-kilometer (124-mile) long main event.

Jay P's Fat Pursuit Start Jay P’s Fat Pursuit Start

I am extremely excited. Not only do I want to see if I am actually good at these unsupported fatbike marathons (and didn’t just luck out at the AH), but I’ve never been to the mountains, much less raced in them. The course starts in a little town near the Idaho-Montana border, then winds in a huge counterclockwise loop through the mountains all the way to Yellowstone National Park and back. Along the way, we’ll stop at one checkpoint where we can make s’mores and another called the "Man Cave."

All in all, the race should be spectacular, with about 7,000 feet of climbing (all between 6,200 feet and 8,200 feet: quite a bit higher than Northfield’s 900-foot elevation!) – hard in the best way. The Beast is ready. I hope my legs and lungs are ready, too!

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  1. If you need a place to stay or company for a large burger and a good local brew on the way to or from, let me know. Bozeman is pretty close to that border.

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