Coffee Junkie

My dear father in law is a huge coffee junkie. I’m sure it’s because he’s 100% Norwegian and 110% Lutheran, but I’m still astounded by how much coffee he can drink in a day – morning, noon, or night. When he and my mother in law visited last weekend, he finished multiple pots of coffee each day. At one point, he was looking around the kitchen for more java, and instead of brewing a whole new pot, I asked if he’d like the rest of the coffee I’d just made in my french press.

He accepted, so I poured him a cup, which he then enjoyed with a few cookies. (The man cannot drink coffee without eating something sweet at the same time.) After he finished the cup, he looked over at me. "Can you bring me a spoon, please?" I looked back quizzically. He tipped his mug toward me to show me all the ground coffee on the bottom. "I have to scoop up the rest of this coffee. It got thick."

I may not make him any coffee in the future.

One thought on “Coffee Junkie”

  1. My folks are the same way! Coffee all day long. Always with something. At their house it’s fondly referred to as ‘Coffee and…..” as in – coffee and a cookie, coffee and a piece of pie, coffee and a donut, etc.

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