Donut Tragedies

On Thursday morning, as I faced my first day of work since December 20, I was overcome by a very strong craving for a donut – specifically, the excellent sugared cake donuts sold at the campus snack bar. I had to run an errand in that direction anyhow, so I stopped in, only to discover that the snack bar was closed due to some stupid holiday or something. My craving only intensified, but the day didn’t allow me to get away long enough to find a donut downtown.

Friday afternoon, I did head downtown to escape the spectre of spending the entirety of a second consecutive day at my desk. I visited the coffeeshop that usually has some good donuts for sale, but no – they were sold out! I was so disappointed, I went next door to the bagel shop to feed my sorrows some hot coffee and a face-sized cinnamon roll.

After a fun ride around town with a couple guys Saturday morning, we stopped back at the same coffeeshop. Since it was fairly early in the day, I hoped they’d have a donut, but again, no! The barista told me they’d just sold the last one. Downing a croissant and an americano a few minutes later, I saw the woman who might have been the purchaser sitting nearby. The donut sat, one bite missing, on a plate in front of her, utterly ignored. Before I could either steal it from her or leave, I watched her clear her table and throw the donut in the trash.

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