Tae Kwon D’oh

Tonight the girls started a tae kwon do class through the local community-education program. It’s kind of a departure for them, as neither girl has done much sports-related activity except for swimming. They’re good at that, and love it, but have only dabbled in soccer and tennis so far. But since they were excited by the prospect of tae kwon do, we enrolled them.

They came home from the first class on Monday night in a high stoke. Vivi said she hadn’t liked it, but she could recite chapter and verse of the instructor’s instructions, which is a sure sign that she really did like the class. And Julia, usually so tentative with physical stuff, raced into the house to show me the front kick they’d learned. She came up to me, pulled her right leg back, and kicked me right in the groin.

I’m glad she has the strength of a nine year old girl, or I’d have spend the night in the hospital. As it was, I just had to lie down for a couple minutes.

They’ll be white belts in no time.

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