Perfect Fall Saturday

Today was pretty much a perfect fall day. The weather was changeable but overall great, and the girls and I stayed busy all day. After the usual morning stuff, they started a welcome-home banner for their mom.

We cut that short to go shopping downtown for Halloween costumes with their friends. All four girls found excellent cheap stuff for their respective Harry Potter characters. (Julia is going to be Hermione; Vivi will be Dumbledore.) Their friends came over to try on their costumes and have lunch, then their dad came back and we all headed over to the Carleton homecoming football game.

Though the Knights didn’t win, the game was entertaining – even for four little girls. We went home afterwards to feed the cat, then went over to our friends’ house for a delicious dinner. By 6:30, the girls were ready to go back home and go to bed – but not before writing a few pages in a new "scary story" (G) and reading a few pages in Harry Potter (J).

Reading & Writing

Everything is dead quiet now. Their mom will be home in about 20 hours.

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